No Legs, No Worries- Keep Your Upper Body Strong and Quick

Train Coordination Between the Upper and Lower Body

  • Sitting on the edge of a bench will provide enough room to touch the dumbbells to the floor in front of you.
  • Start seated upright with one dumbbell in each hand, holding it with a neutral grip (thumbs facing up), and make sure to keep your lower back from excessively arching.
  • Keep your arms relatively straight and hinge over from your hip crease with a flat back until the tops of the dumbbells touch the ground.
  • Making sure your trunk stays braced; extend hard through your hips to sit up with your torso tall again. Try to shrug your shoulders at this exact moment.
  • Use this explosive movement to whip your arms and propel the tops of the bells to your shoulders, keeping them rotating close around your elbow with the same hand position.
  • As soon as they touch your shoulders, drive them overhead, keeping the bells in line with the side of your ears.
  • Be careful not to lean too far back but instead firmly stop your momentum, keeping your torso very rigid before you press the weight overhead.
  • Return the bells to your shoulders and then take them back down to the floor as you did before.

The Focus Is on Control and Stability

When You Get Bored

  • Make sure you can stabilize the clean first before trying this, but if you can, pick up some lighter dumbbells to start and turn them so that your palms face the ground.
  • Hinge over the same way but don’t worry about the bells touching the floor. Extend, shrug, and keep the bells close to your body and think about trying to throw them overhead, locking them in place with shrugged shoulders overhead.
  • Pause up there, lower the bells close to your shoulders, and keep cycling through the movement.



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