Do World Class Warm-Ups for World Class Performance

  1. Prepare your body for performance
  2. Help prevent pain and injuries

Specific Warm-Ups for Specific Workouts

RAMP Up Your Warm-Up

Next-Level Warm-Ups

  • Falling flat on your face attempting an advanced stability exercise isn’t going to do anything for you.
  • Likewise, something not challenging enough will lead to no progress.
  • Something on the edge of your current capability is the place to be.

The Warm-Up Should Optimize, Not Be the Workout

Integrate-Don’t Separate

  • He is a proponent of integrating the warm-up into the workout.
  • Not only does he integrate a multi-joint movement at the end of the warm-up sequence, but he integrates the main lift into the warm-up.
  • He places a set of the primary lift for that day at the end of the warm-up sequence.
  • You go through your warm-up routine then hit a light set of your main lift for the day.
  • Then, you go back through the warm-up sequence and perform a slightly heavier set of the main lift.
  • Each time you go through the main movement, it should feel better.
  • Each time you get instant feedback on the efficacy of your warm-up protocol.
  • The main lift, when done properly, feels crisper, and your working sets are nicely grooved.

Piece Together the Warm-Up Puzzle

  • Achieving this by incorporating the RAMP and the NASM protocols with an added stability drill is my default setting.
  • Even within this framework, there is a large scope for variation, and the warm-ups should evolve based on your development.
  • Good athletic background as a kid/early adult
  • Worked a desk job for 10–15 years
  • He gained some weight and lost mobility and strength through his late twenties and early thirties.
  • Got back to training after about ten years out of the gym; During this time, he saw some excellent results (lost fat, gained some muscle) and some bad ones (nagging shoulder pain, lower back pain)
  • His goal is to get back in shape — he wants to shift the dadbod and see his abs for the first time in 15 years. Oh, and he wants to bench 225 lbs for five reps again (this is a performance goal that he gets genuinely excited by)
  • My primary goal is to help him reach his goals but give him some of what I think he needs.

Warm-Ups Should Be Progressive

Warm-Up and Training Synergy



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